I am also confused a bit by asset materialization ...
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I am also confused a bit by asset materialization in SDAs in dagster. I had expected that if a downstream asset needs materialization, that since dagster knows what the dependencies are, it will materialize all the upstream assets for me first. But i think my mental model (which comes from Makefiles) is again wrong. It seems i must explicitly materialize all, or in the context of a job as in the screenshot below, add all the dependencies in the
Also, asset jobs dont have a launchpad tab, but asset job runs do. Is there a reason for this?
I'm thinking this is a bug because once i run a failed job without config, a launchpad shows up on the run
Can confitm this is still an issue on 1.1.21
You should be able to drill down to a subset of your assets using the search bar in the top left;
will give you all downstream assets for example, and then clicking materialize will only materialize that set of assets
Sure but my iomanager definition in terms of asset key ‘source_’ hurts this. It won’t read a already materialized upstream asset cause it again thinks it should hit the upstream asset path in the iomanager and there is no ‘source_’ to indicate not to. As I said, need something robust like “this is the root level asset” being materialized to do this properly!
How do I access the graph structure?