Hi Dagster team, Context : I'm on Dagster Cloud S...
# dagster-plus
Hi Dagster team, Context : I'm on Dagster Cloud Serverless. When i run the job from the launchpad, i get the following errors (see screenshot)
The limitations should be 16Go of memory : should be more of enough for the job i want to execute).
As suggested on the error message, there might be a run memory configuration ? But I don't seem to see it anywhere when looking the docs.
PS : I realize that there was a TRY / EXCEPT block statement on my job code . But it did not execute on that error , Do you have any idea of ways to handle exceptions on Dagster Jobs ? (if the job gets killed by an issue outside the python scope , as in the curent example with memory issue)
Additionnal information : I found out that launching the run is "ISOLATED RUN" worked out to fix the issue.