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Zach P

03/08/2023, 7:40 PM
Having some terrible issues debugging a deadlock in what seems to be paramiko with dagster, but it only ever happens when running on the cloud agent. Everything works fine when ran locally. 1. Is there a good way to capture logs of python loggers from other libraries? I’ve tried adding the following to be `dagster_cloud.yaml`:
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    - paramiko.transport
    - paramiko.transport.sftp
    - fabric
  python_log_level: DEBUG
This doesn’t seem to add the output logs to dagit, however, these are the names of the loggers that I’m able to get locally. 2. Is there anything that could be interfering here? It’s quite weird. I initally asked this yesterday but withdrew my comments after finding out that deadlocking paramiko is a known problem. However; after implementing the solution I’m still running into said issue, and again, can only replicate in dagster cloud.