# deployment-kubernetes

Abhishek Agrawal

03/09/2023, 1:42 PM
Hello, I was initially facing the problem of pods taking too long to get commissioned by GCP so I started using balloon-pods technique to get 10 pods sitting in paused state which solved my problem. Next problem is the docker image is taking too long to pull so I was recommended this technique to pre-pull images using a daemonset. Now, after deploying this daemonset, I see that it tries to spin-up 7 more pods. I was wondering why it's doing that as I didn't mention 7 in the configuration of daemonset. I maybe missing something here but with balloon-pods already up and running, how do I make sure that daemonset pulls the image on those pods rather than creating 7 new pods for itself? If daemonset will do that, then should I not request balloon-pods? Thanks @Andrea Giardini for all your help so far!