Good morning all, I have a (probably) simple quest...
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Good morning all, I have a (probably) simple question of how to disable debug level logs while running unittests. I run my unittests with
python -m unittest -v
and while it's perfectly picking up all tests and running them properly, it's a bit difficult to read due to the built in DEBUG logs that are generated on every asset creation. While I prefer to only surpress these debugs during unittests, I've tried adding the following to my `DAGSTER_HOME\dagster.yaml`:
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  python_log_level: INFO
but that didn't help (debug messages still visible). It did disable them in dagit though (which is actually what I didn't want :)). I've also tried:
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import logging
from dagster import get_dagster_logger

class TestMyTestCase(unittest.TestCase):

if __name__ == "__main__":
    logger = get_dagster_logger()
This also didn't seem to help. I'd also prefer it if I can set the logging info on one location for all unit tests, rather than every file that contains tests (as I'm seperating my tests over multiple files). Any suggestions?
one way could be to configure a dagster instance just for tests and configure the log level just for that instance. then, every time you execute in tests, you specify to use that instance.