Timothy Elder

03/13/2023, 3:40 PM
Anyone know how to get around this error when initially starting Dagster?
ModuleNotFoundError: No module named 'dagster_postgres'


03/13/2023, 3:44 PM
probably need to install
in the virtual environment you’re using to start the process

Timothy Elder

03/13/2023, 3:45 PM
ok, did that and it now spits out this error..
Error: pg_config executable not found.
Wasn't aware that we had to install PostgreSQL on the box as it's not in the docs from what I could find.

Tim Castillo

03/13/2023, 4:03 PM
Hi there! Great name, by the way. What's the context for how Postgres is being used? Is it to use it as storage for your Dagster instance?

Timothy Elder

03/13/2023, 4:04 PM
It is, we have an RDS instance setup that we are wanting to use and the dagster.yaml is correct, just didn't know there was a little extra setup
Think I got it though...were some obscure modules not mentioned in the docs like dagster_postgresql and dagster_aws.
How just need to figure out how to set it up as a systemd service..