Is there support or any tool/integration you can u...
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Is there support or any tool/integration you can use to create an architecture level documentation for your pipelines for less technical stakeholders (legal, data security, finance)? I imagine a graphical representation like source db -> data warehouse -> operational tool With details like "my application db name", "hosted on EC2 in the US", "filters out personal identifiable data", "1G data transfered per day", "refreshed every 10 min" Obviously I can use a graphing tool for this, but anything that can somewhat automatize keeping it up to date, standardize it to make it more accessible and improve collaboration would be super nice.
we don’t have any dagster tooling or integrations that do this sort of thing, and I’m not aware of external tools that could help. But do let us know if you find anything! i imagine other users would be interested in this kind of tool
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