Hi guys, I was looking at <this> documentation whi...
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Hi guys, I was looking at this documentation which explains how to set up an Airbyte connection using
module. It all makes sense, however, it appears to me that in the instance where you do this, you would typically run the following two commands... : ``dagster-airbyte apply --module my_python_module.my_submodule:reconciler`` ``dagster-airbyte apply --module my_python_module.my_submodule:reconciler`` I was wondering why cannot we just do ``reconciler.apply()`` directly in the code and do dagit?
cc @ben
So, I have been playing around with this and it seems that you can do
directly in the code. However, if a connection with the specified name already exists it will throw a
Max retries (3) exceeded
error. The work around is to get all airbyte assets, check if the connection name exists, check if source and destination exsit and if not safely run the create source, create destination and connection. I would expect that
would handle these under the hood.