I didn't really understand the question, I will de...
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I didn't really understand the question, I will describe the situation in stages 1 I deployed dagster with several containers as described in the documentation, 4 containers rose 2 next, I wrote a simple code based on the example from the documentation that I sent above
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from dagster import asset, op, job, get_dagster_logger
from datetime import datetime

def date():
    return str(datetime.now())

def print_asset(date):

def job_test_asset():
3 materialized the asset through the web interface 4 I tried to output the contents in the logs, to which I received an error, the file was not found 5 I started these processes again, climbed inside the container via docker exec bash, looked at the file system and saw that the result of materialization was saved in the local container I read a little about io_manager and didn't really understand how to configure saving and reading data Thanks!