if I use a location that references the `latest` t...
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if I use a location that references the
tag of an image - what will trigger dagster to force a new version of the
so it pulls the new image?
We generally recommend against using the latest tag for this reason - I think there is ECS-level caching at the tag level that dagster doesn't really have visibility into or the ability to override
k8s has an ImagePullPolicy that you can set to Always, but i'm not aware of anything similar for ECS
(at least, if you're using Fargate, which most Dagster ECS users are)
yeah, with Fargate you need to force a new deployment for it to re-pull I believe
so I was hoping to be able to configure a "static" code location in my
that referenced a
image, and so on any git merge to master I would rebuild it and so dagster would always be running that latest code. Otherwise I guess I need to build specific tagged images and have the end users add/modify a new code location any time they merge to master?
@rectalogic check my replies in the prior thread just before yours. My team uses dagster with non "latest" tags on our user code image: during CI/CD we build a new image and then update our ECS task definition with the newly tagged version number of the image
Ah thanks for the link Mike - "Fargate does not cache images" makes me think I said some incorrect things above
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But yeah i think there are a lot of advantages to using specific tagged images - one of them is that if you make a breaking change there's no risk of it affecting queued runs that then pull the wrong image
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hmm, but can I specify the TaskDefinition the dagster agent will use to run my image - isn't that the TaskDefinition I would need to modify the code image version in? The agent TaskDefinition references the
not sure about the agent base image (my team self-hosts) but here's what our user_code Dockerfile looks like https://gist.github.com/mikeatlas/e0a47400a75f288262617405287f0586
I see, I'm using Dagster Cloud and it appears the agent dynamically creates a new service and
configured using the code location image
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ok I think what I can do is on any merge to master when I build a new image, use the CLI
dagster-cloud workspace add-location
to add/modify a singleton
code location with the new uniquely tagged docker image
that looks right to me - that is essentially what the Dagster Cloud github action does