I have a job that calculates and creates an asset ...
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I have a job that calculates and creates an asset that is used as a
to several other jobs. I'd like to only calculate the dependency (which is in a different code location) when one of the scheduled jobs that requires it begins. How can I go about only materializing the dependency when it is called from other jobs when their scheduled start begins? The dependency runs some queries that take 3-4 hours to complete, so I would rather not have it on its own schedule and, instead, only materialize it when other jobs need to run.
Hi @clay - there isn't currently a great way to do this in Dagster. In the near future, if you set FreshnessPolicies on the downstream assets, you'll be able to set up auto-materialization so that the upstream asset is automatically materialized in time to allow the downstream assets to meet their freshness policies. Would that work for you?
I think so, but I'd have to see details of how it works. 🙂