Hi everyone! What is correct way to pass `Nothing`...
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Hi everyone! What is correct way to pass
-typed arg into graph?
class has no
arg and something like
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@graph(input_defs=[InputDefinition("foo", dagster_type=Nothing)])
def bar():
produces error:
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@graph 'bar' decorated function does not have argument(s) 'foo'. @graph-decorated functions should have a keyword argument for each of their Ins, except for Ins that have the Nothing dagster_type. Alternatively, they can accept **kwargs.
Update: maybe I`m doing something wrong from the very beginning. So my case is that I have two independent graphs - one moving some data from A to B and another moving from B to C. They both don't have any inputs or outputs now. And I want to create single A-to-B-to-C graph to have single job for this extraction instead of two. So I'm looking for options to queue one after another basically while they share "configurations" like exact location at B via resources.
Hi Ivan. I think what you're doing sounds reasonable, this is just an intricacy with dagster graphs. Under the hood, dagster flattens graphs into a flat mapping of ops--this means that any input to a graph must be passed as an input to at least one op within the graph. So something like this below would work:
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def my_op():
    return 5

@op(ins={"my_input": In(Nothing)})
def downstream():
    return 1

def my_graph(my_input):