Hi! I have some issues with Dagster Serverless. It...
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Hi! I have some issues with Dagster Serverless. It says under Agents that "Activating serverless deployment" and that it might take a couple of minutes, however this is going on for a couple of hours now. Do you have any recommendations? Also, it says under environmental variables that I do not have permission to view the variable I just created. Why is that?
Hello, Peter, can you share a screenshot of where you see the "Activating serverless deployment" message?
Sure, this is under Deployment -> Agents:
just to confirm, this is for the
This is peterdi-test org, testrun was created to overcome this and test some functionalities, but it says in testrun org that I'm on the waiting list.
Ah, we see what’s happening here. After the trial ends, we mark the organization as read only and eventually spin down the agent. This is automated. When you added a payment method, we re-enable the organization. But we don’t yet automatically recreate the agent (it’s on our near term roadmap). It requires a few manual steps that I just performed. And then when you signed up again to get around it, you were placed on the waitlist because our fraud tools thought you were circumventing the free trial. Sorry about all of this! Your agent in
is back up and running again!
Thank you for the quick help!
For the env var issue - that's a bug on our side that we'll get fixed. I believe the issue will go away as soon as you have any code locations in your deployment - you'll then be able to view the environment variable value as expected.