Hi all! I would like to get results as pandas.Data...
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Hi all! I would like to get results as pandas.DataFrame when executing an sql query using dagster_snowflake.SnowflakeConnection: https://peterfulop.d.pr/i/P5b0sT When I set
I got a
zsh: segmentation fault
🙂 If I remove this argument I got the result as a list of tuples without any problem. Do you have a suggestion how to avoid this error and still get the results as pandas DataFrame
I solved the problem by requesting the table description and building a column-index dictionary. It was a little bit annoying to spend this amount of time on a forced workaround 😞
Hmm, I'm unfamiliar with this happening (also, love when an ambiguous segfault happens). If you were the run the query using the snowflake Python SDK (which we're just using under the hood), would you get the same behavior? And how big is this result set from the function call?