hi everyone, i am new with dagster. I have a littl...
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hi everyone, i am new with dagster. I have a little problem. I have created my assets it also work. However, when I create my job in the init file it is not shown to me in digit UI. Do you have any idea what this can be?
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from dagster import AssetSelection, define_asset_job, Definitions, load_assets_from_modules
from dagster_test_version.k2_training_test import typeform_daily

all_assets = load_assets_from_modules([typeform_daily])
training_daily_job = define_asset_job("training_daily_job", selection=AssetSelection.all())

defs = Definitions(
Hi Yavuz! That code looks right to me. Where are you looking for the job? In
? and are you reloading your definitions after making that change?