I see that assets have an "ins=" parameter, but no...
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I see that assets have an "ins=" parameter, but not an "out=" parameter. So if I have an asset with type annotation (ex. some_def() -> pd.DataFrame: which also returns dagster Output), I will get an error:
"received Output object for output 'result' which does not have an Output annotation. Annotation has type <class 'pandas.core.frame.DataFrame'>".
So does that mean, when we have an asset that returns Output, we have to not add or include type annotation to the asset decorated function? When I was using ops, I would add the "out=" parameter and define a pd.DataFrame type. I see the tutorials now include assets returning Output to show example of adding metadata. But, if someone happens to add type annotation to their asset decorated function, they are going to run into this error and then will be scratching their head when they don't have prior experience with the ops abstraction.
hi @Daniel Kim ! in these cases, you can annotate your function with “Output[pd.DataFrame]” instead of just pd.DataFrame
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