Hello, I would like to add a metadata to all the a...
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Hello, I would like to add a metadata to all the asset materialization: e.g. the time it took to materialize the asset. Is there a simple way to achieve that? I am a bit lost and don't know which tool to use: asset materialization sensors/events? I guess that I should be able to achieve what I want by surrounding each function with a
and add the difference in an output metadata. But it feels dirty. Thanks!
well yeah this will be nice to extract statistics, but here I'd like to add the time it took for each asset materialization so I can see this in the UI metadata graph
Hi @Odette Harary I have the same question as Guillaume. Also somebody asked this question on stackoverflow. Is there a way to avoid the boilerplate code ? For example dagster-dbt adds this out of box for every dbt asset.
it is possible to have an even simpler test case: the https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/blob/master/examples/deploy_docker/repo.py also provide the "Execution Time" metadata. But I cant find which part of the code is responsible for it.
Hey @Marek Vigaš, did you find a way to avoid boilerplate code?