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Casper Weiss Bang

05/02/2023, 8:36 AM
Is it in no way possible to create a job that consists of assets in multiple repositories? I have created a repository approximately per data source (having about 4 sources with a bunch of assets in each), however that means I have a different repo for assets that takes something else as input. Now i want to trigger the whole flow from ingress to egress. Am i missing something or is the splitting of multiple repositories without reason? Should we just have one I know we should switch to declarations instead of repositories. it's on our roadmap


05/04/2023, 4:58 PM
we don’t have a native way to create one job that consists of asset in multiple repos or code locations, but you can achieve via asset sensor which can operate cross repos:
the main reason why it’s not possible today is that all steps in a job will be executed in one same environment, whereas different repos (or code locations) can have different python execution environment. so we can’t have a single job for assets across repos. the asset sensor workaround is essentially splitting the execution into two jobs that are in two repos