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Guillaume Latour

05/02/2023, 11:54 AM
Hey, I am a bit confused about the usage of resources, configuration and how they are linked to a context. So I want to provide a string parameter to my io manager so it knows which column has to be used to filter the partition interval. This parameter is obviously linked to an asset. I could add this as a parameter of my io_manger constructor and create one instance of io_manager per different column name. But I find it cumbersome and my intuition tells me that I should be using the
to retrieve this information. (the same way I am using the context to get the start,end of the partition) So maybe I should create a
with only one string attribute (the time column's name), instantiate one object per different column name and provide it to the asset construction (via
?). If this is the right solution, how can I access to the ressource in the io_manager? Or is there any other parameter of the asset constructor that I should be using to achieve what I want?