Slack doesn't feel like the best place for a long ...
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Slack doesn't feel like the best place for a long form post, but I'm not sure where else this should go. I have dagster set up in a small-ish prod environment (for info, inside WSL2 due to corporate reasons). I have all of the config/workspaces managed via some git repos for transparency and collaboration. Trying to write anything for this involves doing up a script in vscode, reload the config in dagit, then rerun the last failed job and see if it works which all feels incredibly backward; no autocomplete/IDE support and very manual. This is also dev on prod as setting up a dev env would be quite complex with the various module paths required for all of the workspaces to hook up correctly. The main reason to have multiple workspaces is for various departments to manage their own jobs/spaces, but the above breaks the implementation. I've looked around, but didn't get far. Is there some suggestions for best practices how to manage and dev on dagster? I'm at a point where I find it entirely not fit for purpose however as it's widely used, I expect I'm 'holding it wrong'.
hey @Andrew these guides will be a bit more generic but they go over using dagster locally, and supporting dev and prod environments we also have a guide with some recommendations on how to structure your dagster project that might have some good advice i’ll also pass this message along to the rest of the team and see if anyone has some specific advice for you