Is it possible to delete a materialization event? ...
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Is it possible to delete a materialization event? Assume I have a backup available of the data.
hi @Rasmus Bonnevie! you can wipe the entire history of an asset through the UI or the cli (
dagster asset wipe
), but there's no direct way of deleting a single materialization event outside of manually running a query against your
I'd basically like to undo a materialization and go back to the previous one. Can it be done through a query to the graphQL API? Alternatively, can I "redo" the materialization I want to restore by doing a materialization event with appropriate metadata so that it registers as the same?
"redo"ing the materialization is probably your best bet -- you can either modify your asset or you can create a special-purpose op to yield an AssetMaterialization event that matches what you want
Can I manually control the data version so that the "redo" doesn't trigger a staleness cascade?
ah yeah -- for that you'd want to go the special-purpose op route, and set these tags (whatever shows up in the "System Tags" for the event you want to copy):
note that these should all have "dagster/" in front of them, so code_version ->