For cloud alerts vs. slack on failure sensor in th...
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For cloud alerts vs. slack on failure sensor in the case of Slack which one requires the
to be part of the channel. I am confused. It looks like the sensor needs it but the alert not. Currently I do receive alerts in slack. But:
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Slack alert failed to send.
slack_sdk.errors.SlackApiError: The request to the Slack API failed. (url: <>)
The server responded with: {'ok': False, 'error': 'channel_not_found'}
albeit this error, one of both is sending the alerts. I think the oss slack sensor is working - but the cloud alert is failing. How can I configure the cloud alert correctly? Do I need to include the
in the slack channel key there? However, the documentation is indicating that this is not required.
Most often when I see this error, it's because the Dagster Cloud bot hasn't been added to the relevant slack channel - any chance that's what's happening here?
er wait, that would be not_in_channel, not channel_not_found
You don't need to include the # in the text box, so it's not that
(And added the Dagster Cloud Slack app?)
it is telling me it is connected.
I am not sure if the right channel is selected then there in the connection if it is not working
where can I debug this?
I think the issue is a different one Dagster cloud slack is using: channels:read (public channels)
our channel is a private one
should be able post in private via • chat:write
but this requires a dedicated authorization /addition to the private channel
I added the bot now to the private channel - so far only the oss bot had been registered
works now