Hi Guys, I’m noticing this intermittent error more...
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Hi Guys, I’m noticing this intermittent error more and more. A dagster code location fails to load. I click “Reload” to manually reload it and then it unexpectedly works without any change. I visited the link https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/issues/7927 with sim ilar issue but our version is way ahead of this still the error occurs. Is it something to do with resource utilization or something that we can improve with ? Any suggestion here ? Using the below version of image and helm chart
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        repository: <http://docker.io/dagster/dagster-k8s|docker.io/dagster/dagster-k8s>
        tag: 1.3.4
Hi Jyoti - this error can happen if your code server pod is overloaded and taking a long time to serve requests, i could also imagine it happening if the pod has just started up. You could definitely try giving the pod more resources to start to see if it helps
Dagit should also poll the pod and once its available, automatically move it back into a Loaded state
Thanks much for the response @daniel.. will try increasing the resource and check the poll thing