What's the order of processing `DynamicOutput`? Is...
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What's the order of processing
? Is it alphabetical sort on
? Or order they're `yield`ed? For the sake of my database row/gap locks, I'd like to randomize the order of my
processing. I think if I randomize the order but my
starts with my db primary key (which I had done so the step name shown in Dagit gives me a hint of what's being processed) then maybe Dagster's sorting the steps by
and undoing my shuffling, but I'm not quite sure.
hi @Mark Fickett! there's no explicit sorting that happens when determining the next set of steps to execute, other than when the priority tag on an op is explicitly set. from a look through the relevant code, it looks like dynamic outputs will be processed in the order they were emitted
ty thankyou 1