Hi :slightly_smiling_face: we started getting the ...
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Hi 🙂 we started getting the following message:
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{"__class__": "DagsterEvent", "event_specific_data": {"__class__": "EngineEventData", "error": {"__class__": "SerializableErrorInfo", "cause": {"__class__": "SerializableErrorInfo", "cause": null, "cls_name": "SequenceGeneratorLimitExceeded", "context": null, "message": "psycopg2.errors.SequenceGeneratorLimitExceeded: nextval: reached maximum value of sequence \"event_logs_id_seq\" (2147483647)
We remove runs older than 30 days (with a schedule), but the event_log sequence didn’t restart, so it got to max int. We solved it immediately but running
select setval('event_logs_id_seq', 1)
(and making sure the rotate won’t “hit” existing ids) But maybe that’s also a Dagster issue - extending the size of the column / somehow rotating it. What do you think? 🙂
yea would you be up for filing an issue? an other option would be to alter the column to bigint (assuming you are already taking downtime from the error)
thank you box 1