# integration-dbt

Timothee Vandeput

07/21/2023, 3:02 PM
Hello, we updated our Dagster's version to 1.4.0 and are currently refactoring following the changes that have been introduced by version 1.4.0. We are looking to yield AssetMaterialization from a Job Op. I don't understand how this example could work, method
won't exist on the manifest (it used to with DbtManifest class). Did I miss something ?


07/21/2023, 5:48 PM
We removed some internal APIs that made this possible. Here’s a PR that brings it back in a first class manner: Once this lands, you’ll be able to do something like this:
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import json
from pathlib import Path

from dagster import Output, op
from dagster_dbt import DbtCliResource

manifest = json.loads(Path("target", "manifest.json").read_text())

def my_dbt_op(dbt: DbtCliResource):
    yield from dbt.cli(["run"], manifest=manifest).stream(yield_asset_materialization=True)
    yield Output(None)
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