FYI, for anyone who has this issue - looks like th...
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FYI, for anyone who has this issue - looks like this commit broke our helm upgrade -
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Error: UPGRADE FAILED: template: dagster-user-deployments/templates/deployment-user.yaml:99:20: executing "dagster-user-deployments/templates/deployment-user.yaml" at <ne $deployment.readinessProbe.enabled false>: error calling ne: incompatible types for comparison
We were using basically all default values in our yaml, nothing fancy etc - addressed it by adding enabled to the
attribute explicitly in our
file. I assume this is since the values.yaml file had no default
attribute you should check to see if it's set or not first? I can try and put up a quick PR to fix this if it's the way to go Dagster team if you agree, and it doesn't create too much more work for you.
(I guess
helm repo upgrade
, plus a
helm show values
will also do the trick and show you "what you need to fix") so maybe a PR is not essential.