Is there a `PartitionMapping` I can use to get all...
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Is there a
I can use to get all of the partitions from a specific
? I am using dynamic partitions.
Hi Tristan - are you able to describe what you're looking to do in a little more detail? Where do you want to get these partitions? From within a sensor?
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my_partition = DynamicPartitionsDefinition()

def my_asset(config):
    return clean_data(config)

def my_sensor(context):
    cursor = context.cursor or None
    new_files = get_new_files(cursor)
    return SensorResult(
        run_requests=[RunRequest(, run_config=get_config(file)) for file in new_files],
        dynamic_partitions_requests=[my_partition.build_add_request([ for file in new_files])

# I don't really know what to do here to combine stuff ...
def load_into_database(my_asset):
I have a sensor that creates a
for each new file in a remote folder, treating each file as a partition in a
. Each of these files will be used to populate a normalized data model in a database. The problem I’m facing is that because the data model has foreign keys everywhere, a file could refer to the same underlying data that another file already created and I don’t want to duplicate anything. What happens when two new files are running in parallel? I think I’m doing something fundamentally wrong here. I understood assets to help define our data declaratively, but I can’t treat any partition independently. My idea in asking the question was to prevent this concurrency issue of duplication when you have interdependent file partitions running in parallel. The thought was that a
could be used in this
asset to grab all of the new files a run was created for by a single sensor call.
It’s possible that the group of new files could be a single partition instead of each file to prevent this issue. I also noticed there is a
which I could use to query a pattern in the partition keys I guess.
I think more importantly though I could use some advice on how to approach populating a normalized data model with assets. I feel like I’m breaking the declarative model entirely.
Actually I just had an epiphany that I could have a separate asset for each table built from the aggregation of every file… Not sure why it took me this long to figure that out -_-