Hello, I was able to follow this guide <deploying ...
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Hello, I was able to follow this guide deploying dagster on helm. The last version that I deployed successfully was dagster-1.3.13. Now, when I try and use the newest version I get the following error:
Error: UPGRADE FAILED: parse error at (dagster/templates/helpers/_service-webserver.tpl:2): function "mustFromJson" not defined
I'm not sure how this function is imported. I understand there is this list of template functions provided by helm https://helm.sh/docs/chart_template_guide/function_list/ this includes (mustToJson & fromJson), this does not include "mustFromJson".
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Hey Graham, what version of Helm are you using (try
helm version
). I am noticing now that
appears to be undocumented but it is defined in my installation.
Hey, ah ok, i'm on an older version
did you try bumping and does it work now?
yes, it does, thank you 🙇
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