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Jose Estudillo

09/03/2023, 11:13 AM
Hi team, I have a daemon process running for a long time, and today for no apparent reason has launched another daemon process that is stuck not consuming CPU, is the first time I see this behaviour so just wondering what is the explanation for it. (I double checked with ps that the new dagster-daemon command, was launched by the already running one). can you please help? Thanks


09/05/2023, 1:56 PM
Hi Jose - I’m not aware of anything in the daemon code that would launch a second daemon process, and we haven’t seen any other reports of that happening.

Jose Estudillo

09/07/2023, 10:00 AM
thanks @daniel I literally thought it was our ops process so i did some ps research and it was a child of the original daemon, if you guys don’t have a mechanism to start a second daemon that worries me even more, will try to figure out what’s going on there. Thanks for your help!