# ask-ai

Alejandro A

02/09/2024, 12:26 PM
Is there a way when working with ops/jobs to trigger alerts or something similar if a schedule is not executed after a certain period?


02/09/2024, 12:26 PM
Yes, in Dagster, you can set up alert policies that can notify you in case of certain events, such as a schedule not executing as expected. According to the documentation, there are different types of alert policies you can configure, including: - Asset based alert policies: These can trigger on asset materialization failure or success, as well as asset check error, warn, passed, or failure to execute. - Job run based alert policies: These include a set of configured tags and can trigger alerts based on job execution status. - Schedule/sensor tick failure alert policies: These apply to all schedules/sensors and will trigger alerts when the schedule/sensor changes from a state of succeeding to failing. For schedules specifically, if a schedule fails to trigger when expected, you could use the alert policies created for schedule/sensor tick failure to get notified. The documentation notes that you will only receive alerts when the schedule/sensor changes from a state of succeeding to failing, so subsequent failures will not trigger new alerts. Alert policies are configured on a per-deployment basis, and currently, Slack and email notifications are supported. To manage these alerts in Dagster Cloud, you need to have Organization Admin, Admin, or Editor permissions. For more detailed information on how to set up and manage these alert policies, you can refer to the documentation on setting up alerts in Dagster Cloud.