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Amit Aharoni

02/10/2024, 10:05 PM
Helm chart: is there a way for me to specify the service account used for the deployment of the user code?


02/10/2024, 10:05 PM
Yes, there is a way to specify the service account used for the deployment of user code in a Helm chart. According to the documentation, you can configure various aspects of your Kubernetes deployment, including service accounts, by modifying the
file of the Helm chart. However, there was an issue raised on GitHub where a user mentioned that the service account associated with all Dagster user deployments was hardcoded and unmodifiable, which made it impossible to use the same service account across all components of a Dagster installation. This issue was closed, suggesting that there may have been changes or updates to allow specifying service accounts for user deployments. To address your specific need, you would typically look for a field in the
file where you can set the service account for the user deployments. If such a field is not present or if you are unsure about the correct configuration, it would be advisable to refer to the most recent version of the Helm chart documentation or the
file itself for guidance on configuring service accounts for user code deployments. If you encounter any difficulties or if the documentation does not provide clear instructions on how to set the service account for user code deployments, it may be helpful to check the GitHub Issues or Discussions for any updates or community-provided solutions related to this topic.