# ask-ai


02/16/2024, 7:49 AM
out of the blue i get the following error today: duckdb.duckdb.FatalException: FATAL Error: Failed to create checkpoint because of error: Out of Range Error: Underflow in HUGEINT addition any idea?


02/16/2024, 7:49 AM
The error message you're encountering indicates an issue with DuckDB, a database management system, and not directly with Dagster. The error suggests that there was an attempt to create a checkpoint in DuckDB, but it failed due to an "Out of Range Error" related to "Underflow in HUGEINT addition." This typically means that an arithmetic operation on a HUGEINT (a very large integer type in DuckDB) resulted in a value that is too low to be represented by the HUGEINT data type. While the documentation does not provide specific information on DuckDB errors, here are some general steps you can take to troubleshoot this issue: 1. Check for Updates: Ensure that you are using the latest version of DuckDB, as the issue might have been fixed in a newer release. 2. Review Your Queries: Look at the queries you are running that might be causing this error. Pay special attention to any arithmetic operations involving large integers. 3. Reduce Data Size: If possible, try to reduce the size of the integers involved in the operation that's causing the underflow. 4. Consult DuckDB Resources: Since this is a DuckDB-specific error, you may find more detailed help by consulting DuckDB's documentation, community forums, or issue trackers. 5. Report the Issue: If you believe this is a bug and you cannot find a solution, consider reporting the issue to the DuckDB maintainers. Remember to also check your system for any recent changes that might have coincided with the appearance of this error, such as updates to DuckDB, changes in your data, or modifications to your queries. If you're using DuckDB in conjunction with Dagster, ensure that the rest of your Dagster pipeline is configured correctly and that this error is not a symptom of a larger issue with your data processing logic.