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Mat Partridge

02/16/2024, 8:30 AM
is it possible to automatically refresh a dynamic asset factory to refresh the dynamic assets generated by the factory?


02/16/2024, 8:31 AM
The documentation does not explicitly mention the capability to automatically refresh dynamic assets generated by a dynamic asset factory. However, it does discuss the concept of auto-materializing assets, which is a feature that allows assets to be automatically materialized under certain conditions, such as when upstream data changes or based on a freshness policy. For instance, the
can be set to
, which means that an asset will be refreshed anytime its upstream data is updated. This is typically set at the asset level, and the documentation provides an example of how to use this policy with a regular asset. Here's an example from the documentation:
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from dagster import AutoMaterializePolicy, asset

def my_ml_model(my_data):
In the case of dynamic assets, if they are defined using the same
decorator and can be associated with an
, then it's conceivable that they could also be auto-materialized based on the policy's conditions. However, the specifics of how dynamic asset factories interact with auto-materialization policies are not detailed in the documentation. If you are looking to implement auto-refresh behavior for dynamic assets and the documentation does not provide a clear solution, you might consider reaching out to the community or exploring the possibility of contributing to the project to add this feature if it aligns with the project's goals and architecture. assets that can be updated incrementally... button How to trigger a full refresh of dbt inc... button auto-refresh asset job page button How do I trigger a full refresh of incre... button Thank you for your feedback!