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02/22/2024, 5:23 PM
how can i tell if I've an asset will be automaterialized on the Dagster UI?


02/22/2024, 5:23 PM
To determine if an asset will be auto-materialized in the Dagster UI, you can look for the presence of an
assigned to the asset. Here are the steps you can follow based on the documentation: 1. Check the Asset Configuration: Navigate to the asset in the Dagster UI and check if it has an
configured. This policy defines the conditions under which the asset should be auto-materialized. 2. Look for Indicators in the UI: If you're using Dagster Cloud, you can look for indicators under the "Cloud service statuses" in the "Agents" tab after clicking "Deployment" in the top navigation pane. For an open-source Dagster deployment, you would click "Deployment" and then the "Daemons" tab to find similar indicators. 3. Check for Auto-materialize Tag: There might be a visual indicator such as a tag or icon that signifies that auto-materialization is enabled for the asset. This could be similar to the schedule and sensor tags shown at the top of asset details or asset group pages. 4. Daemon Status: Ensure that the daemon responsible for auto-materialization is running. If the daemon is paused or not running, auto-materialization will not occur even if an
is set. If you do not see any indication that an
is assigned to the asset or if the daemon is not running, then the asset will not be auto-materialized. If you need further assistance, you can always refer to the specific documentation on auto-materializing assets for more detailed information.