# ask-ai

Henri Nguemaleu

02/23/2024, 3:05 PM
@Scout can we setup alert on warning asset-checks with dagster open-source ?


02/23/2024, 3:05 PM
As of the last update from the documentation, asset checks in Dagster are an experimental feature, and the documentation does not explicitly state that you can set up alerts on warning asset-checks with Dagster open-source. The documentation does mention that you can configure alerts on asset checks using asset-based alert policies in Dagster Cloud, which suggests that the alerting feature might be more integrated with Dagster Cloud rather than the open-source version. If you are using Dagster Cloud, you can create asset-based alert policies that can trigger on various events, including asset check warnings. However, for the open-source version of Dagster, the documentation does not provide details on setting up alerts for asset checks directly within Dagster. For more specific or updated information regarding alerting on warning asset-checks with Dagster open-source, you may want to check the latest Dagster documentation or inquire with the Dagster community for any recent developments that might not be covered in the documentation I have access to.