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Marko Obert

03/07/2024, 4:12 PM
@Scout how to use microsoft sql server with dagster


03/07/2024, 4:12 PM
To use Microsoft SQL Server with Dagster, you can follow these general steps: 1. Install Required Libraries: Ensure you have the necessary libraries installed to interact with SQL Server. This typically includes
, which are Python libraries that provide connectivity to SQL Server. 2. Configure a Resource: Define a resource in Dagster that will manage the connection to your SQL Server. This resource will be used to execute queries and interact with the database. 3. Set Up Connection String: Your resource will need a connection string that provides the details required to connect to your SQL Server instance. This includes the server name, database name, authentication details, and any other relevant parameters. 4. Define Assets or Ops: Create assets or ops that use the SQL Server resource to perform actions such as querying data, inserting records, or updating tables. 5. Use the Resource in Your Assets or Ops: When defining your assets or ops, you will pass the SQL Server resource to them, allowing them to use the established connection to interact with the database. Here's an example of how you might set up a resource for SQL Server:
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from dagster import resource, Field, String

    "connection_string": Field(String, description="The connection string to connect to SQL Server"),
def sql_server_resource(context):
    # Here you would create a connection using the provided connection string
    # For example, using pyodbc:
    # import pyodbc
    # connection = pyodbc.connect(context.resource_config["connection_string"])
    # return connection
And then you would use this resource in an asset or op:
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from dagster import op, Out

def fetch_data_from_sql_server(context):
    # Use the resource to execute a query
    # For example:
    # cursor = context.resources.sql_server.cursor()
    # cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM my_table")
    # data = cursor.fetchall()
    # return data
Please note that the above code is a simplified example to illustrate the concept. You would need to fill in the actual logic for connecting to SQL Server and executing queries. Remember to handle the connection lifecycle properly, ensuring that connections are closed after use to avoid resource leaks. For more specific details on how to implement this with Dagster, you should refer to the Dagster documentation and the documentation of the libraries you choose to use for SQL Server connectivity. Dagster k8s job run fails sql connection... button Need help on how to create a MS SQL Serv... button Dagster user code with Windows Authentic... button How to connect Dagster storage to Google... button Thank you for your feedback!