# ask-ai

Shane Keller

03/11/2024, 10:21 PM
How can I set fields in the run_launcher.config.run_task_kwargs at runtime using the job config


03/11/2024, 10:21 PM
We currently do not support setting
at runtime using the job config. The
configuration is typically static and defined in your Dagster instance's
file, which is not intended to be dynamically modified at runtime through job configs. If you need to dynamically set configurations at runtime, you might consider using other mechanisms that are designed for runtime parameterization, such as: - Resources: Define resources that can be configured at runtime. Resources can be passed configuration data when you execute a job, allowing for dynamic behavior based on the provided config. - Run Config: Use the
parameter when defining a job to specify configurations that are applied at runtime. This can include configurations for ops, resources, and more, but not for the
itself. For more complex scenarios where you need to dynamically determine configurations based on external factors, you might use: - Schedules and Sensors: These allow you to compute run configurations programmatically. For example, a sensor could check some external state and then launch a run with specific configurations based on that state. If you have a use case that requires dynamically setting
configurations at runtime and the above methods do not meet your needs, you might consider opening a feature request on the Dagster GitHub repository to discuss your use case with the Dagster team.