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Shane Keller

03/12/2024, 12:52 AM
When using dagster-cloud job launch, how do I launch jobs from the CLI with a custom tag json config


03/12/2024, 12:52 AM
When launching jobs from the CLI in Dagster Cloud, you can specify custom tags for a job run using the
option followed by a JSON string that represents the tags. Here's the general syntax for launching a job with custom tags:
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shell dagster job launch -f -j your_job_name --tags '{"your_tag_key": "your_tag_value"}'
with the filename where your job is defined,
with the name of your job, and
{"your_tag_key": "your_tag_value"}
with the JSON string containing your custom tags. Please note that the tags you provide will be attached to the execution of the job, and they should be in a valid JSON format. If you have multiple tags, you can include them all within the JSON string. Keep in mind that the documentation mentions that when providing tags, the values that are not strings will be JSON encoded and must meet the criteria that
json.loads(json.dumps(value)) == value
. These tag values may be overwritten by tag values provided at invocation time. For more detailed information or updates on the CLI usage, please refer to the latest Dagster documentation or the help provided by the CLI itself using the