# ask-ai

Paul Herzog

03/12/2024, 7:56 AM
@Scout When im using staticpartitions (e.g. project names) im also using metadata to show the number of rows of each partitions dataframe. the plot does visualize this as line plot tho, which doesnt make any sense since its not a time based graph. is there any chance I can switch this to a bar plot to visualize metadatavalue?


03/12/2024, 7:56 AM
As of the last update, the ability to customize the visualization of metadata in the Dagster UI, such as changing from a line plot to a bar chart, is not directly supported. There has been a discussion in the Dagster community about the need for such a feature. Specifically, there was an issue raised about supporting bar charts for asset metadata, indicating that users would like more control over how metadata is visualized in the UI, including the ability to display metadata as a bar chart instead of a line chart. The maintainers acknowledged this request and noted that it would require some static configuration to assets that describes the metadata entries expected and how they should be displayed. However, as of the last update, there was no built-in feature to specify the type of chart for metadata visualization directly within Dagster. For the time being, the visualization of metadata in the Dagster UI, particularly in the context of non-time-based partitions, may not reflect the most appropriate chart type. If this feature is critical for your use case, you may want to follow the progress of the related issues on the Dagster GitHub repository or contribute to the discussion to express your interest and use case. This can help the Dagster team prioritize the feature based on community engagement. For more detailed information and updates on this feature, you may refer to the relevant GitHub issues and discussions or check the latest Dagster documentation.