# ask-ai

Emir Karamehmetoglu

03/12/2024, 3:36 PM
@Scout if I were to add mermaid support the markdown in dagster-ui jsmodule, where would I find the codeblock for dagster-webserver/dagit?


03/12/2024, 3:36 PM
To add Mermaid support to the markdown in the Dagster UI's JavaScript module, you would typically need to modify the code responsible for rendering markdown content within the Dagit web application. However, the documentation does not provide specific guidance on where to find the code block for the
that handles markdown rendering. If you're looking to contribute such a feature, you would generally start by exploring the Dagit codebase, which is part of the Dagster repository. You would look for the components that render markdown, which might involve a markdown parser or a React component that displays markdown content. For a feature like Mermaid support, you would likely need to integrate a Mermaid JavaScript library that can parse Mermaid syntax and render it as diagrams within the markdown content. This could involve adding the library as a dependency and then modifying the markdown rendering component to recognize Mermaid blocks and render them appropriately. Since the documentation does not provide explicit details on where to find the relevant code block, you might want to explore the Dagster GitHub repository and search for the markdown rendering logic within the Dagit codebase. Additionally, you could check for any existing issues or discussions on GitHub that might be related to markdown rendering or Mermaid support in Dagit. Remember that contributing to an open-source project like Dagster usually involves following the project's contribution guidelines, which may include steps for setting up a development environment, running tests, and submitting pull requests. It's also a good practice to communicate with the maintainers, perhaps by creating an issue or commenting on an existing one, to discuss your proposed changes and ensure they align with the project's roadmap and architecture.