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Chris Nogradi

03/12/2024, 6:52 PM
I am trying to better manage secrets in K8s. Does anyone have a good solution for substituting env vars into IOmanager configs using the new config style? I prefer to load the config from a yaml using config_from_files() and then using the configs to initialize the IOManagers using Pydantics deprecated parse_obj(). However, this won't work for environment variables since I can't do the {'env':value} trick in the yaml file because config_from_files() does not substitute them. In the old dagster implementations {'env':xxx} would get substituted in the IOManager.configured() method. What is the best way to do this now from a yaml file without resorting to coding it in python using EnvVar()? I saw that Pydantic's solution is pyndantic_settings but that might not work here if I combine yaml file and env vars?

Chris Roth

03/12/2024, 9:06 PM
For secrets management, we are having success with vault. These can then be set independently to staging or prod values. We then load these into Dagster with
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from dagster import EnvVar
Further to this, there is documentation here on k8s secret management.

Chris Nogradi

03/13/2024, 5:32 PM
Thanks @Chris Roth, I found a solution for now. I will also look at using a vault during our next phase. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.
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