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02/17/2022, 10:11 PM
<!channel> 🎉 👌 D 0.14.0 is out! Dagster 0.14.0 “Never Felt Like This Before” We’re proud to release version 0.14.0 of Dagster. This version introduces much more mature version of software-defined assets_,_ new integrations, a new homepage for Dagit, and a wide set of other features and improvements. Software Defined Assets Software-defined assets, which offer a declarative approach to data orchestration on top of Dagster’s core job/op/graph APIs, have matured significantly. Improvements include partitioned assets, a revamped asset details page in Dagit, a cross-repository asset graph view in Dagit, Dagster types on assets, structured metadata on assets, and the ability to materialize ad-hoc selections of assets without defining jobs. Users can expect the APIs to only undergo minor changes before being declared fully stable in Dagster’s next major release. For more information, view the software-defined assets concepts page here. Factory Floor View Dagit has a new homepage, dubbed the “factory floor” view, that provides an overview of recent activity for all the jobs. From it, you can monitor the status of each job’s latest run or quickly re-execute a job. The new timeline view reports the status of all recent runs in a convenient gantt chart. Dagster-Airbyte A new Airbyte integration (dagster-airbyte) allows you to kick off and monitor Airbyte syncs from within Dagster. This contribution includes a resource implementation as well as a pre-built op for this purpose, and we’ve extended this library to support software-defined asset use cases as well. Dagster-Pandera A new Pandera integration (dagster-pandera) allows you to use Pandera’s validation library to wrap dataframe schemas in Dagster types, enabling runtime data validation of Pandas dataframes in Dagster ops/assets. Additionally, Dagit displays Pandera schema information using a new 
 API. Metadata on Dagster Types Dagster Types can now have attached metadata. This allows 
 objects to be attached to Dagster Types via 
 A Dagster Type with a 
 will have the schema rendered in Dagit. Op Selection in Subgraphs Op selection now supports selecting ops inside subgraphs. For example, to select an op 
 inside a subgraph 
, you can now specify the query as 
. This is supported in both Dagit and Python APIs. ECSRunLauncher The ECSRunLauncher is no longer considered experimental. You can bootstrap your own Dagster deployment on ECS using our docker compose example or you can use it in conjunction with a managed Dagster Cloud deployment! Asset Observations The new `AssetObservation` event enables recording metadata about an asset without indicating that the asset has been updated. Op Events Without Yield Dagster now supports logging 
 events via 
. Previously, Dagster only supported yielding these events within the body of an op. Auto-start Sensors and Schedules Sensors and schedules now include a 
 parameter. If this parameter is set to 
, sensors and schedules will default to running as soon as they are loaded in your workspace. Some screenshots of the new UI:
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Marc Keeling

02/17/2022, 10:51 PM
I LOVE the great work you guys are doing!!!!
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Dan MacTough

02/17/2022, 11:01 PM
fyi the ECSRunLauncher link is 404ing


02/17/2022, 11:04 PM
Thanks Dan! I've fixed this.
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