:newspaper: Our ninth Dagster Community Meeting is...
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📰 Our ninth Dagster Community Meeting is tomorrow, Tuesday, September 14 at 9AM PST! Join us on Zoom! Register for a calendar invite here. 🎙️ Presentations@Alessandro Marrella from Earnest Research will present on how Earnest Research uses Dagster to power their machine learning pipelines. • @owen from Elementl will present on Dagster logging improvements that allow configuring log handlers at the instance level, as well as logging to the Dagster log using the standard Python logging invocations.
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Thank you so much @Alessandro Marrella for such a great presentation. In-notebook pipeline execution and development. 🤯🤯🤯
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I missed this.. Any chance there is a recording of this available online?
Yup we will be posting this to our youtube channel. All community meetings are available there.
Perfect, just found it on the youtube channel. Thanks!
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For posterity, here’s

the link

to the recorded community meeting!