*Hi All !* I am scheduling a pipeline in dagster ...
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Hi All ! I am scheduling a pipeline in dagster to run at a specific time daily using
however when its time comes to run, it does not run instead scheduler simply skips this pipeline, however i run the same pipeline using
and scheduler runs this pipeline in this case !!! 🤐 Here is the screenshot: Thank You!
Hi Hamza - with partitioned schedules, the 2/10 partition will be created at 1:03PM on the following day, 2/11 (the underlying assumption is that you’ll wait until the day has finished before creating a partition for it on the next day). So if you change your start date to 2/9 instead of 2/10 I’d expect it to work today.
Sure Daniel ! Alright lets test it if that works !
@Waqas Awan Here is it waqas !