Hello I've upgraded to 0.10.0. I noticed that mor...
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Hello I've upgraded to 0.10.0. I noticed that more often than not, after clicking on the green "Launch Execution" button in dagit, the "Checking config" animation doesn't occur. I get no feedback at all, then about a few seconds later the gantt chart tab does open and the pipeline does run fine. My setup is local with on-prem Postgres backend. Using Chrome version 87 on Windows 10 OS. Has anyone else experienced this also?
On another note, I am amazed that dagster works or is supported on Windows. Very few workflow or task orchestration libraries do!
cc @dish
Hi @Daniel Kim, on which page are you clicking “Launch Execution”? Playground?
Yes Playground
What version were you on prior to 0.10?
The config should be checked while editing, and if it’s invalid you will see an error upon launching the execution. There could be a bit of a delay while the launch mutation is executed, but during that time you should see a “Submitting run…” label and spinner on the button. (@sashank, does the report above ring any bells for you?)
Hm not really, @Daniel Kim is there any chance we could get a quick screen recording of this? That does seem annoying
@sashank Sorry i cant. FWIW, Im also on my company's VPN since I am WFH. Maybe that could be part of the problem, but I dont recall having this issue prior to version 0.10.0. Not sure how friendly the VPN is towards the network stack being used by dagster/dagit. I can try to be off VPN and see if that matters, but unfortunately would take quite a bit of time to re-create the Postgres backend as it is running on company's vm, so then I guess I could run the local sqlite backend instead. I will report after doing some testing off VPN.
That sounds great. We do use web sockets for our GraphQL requests in Dagit, so that could be possible. It’s quite easy to experiment locally–just create a single file `repo.py`:
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from dagster import solid, pipeline, repository

def my_solid(_):
   return 1

def my_pipeline():

def my_repo():
   return [my_pipeline]
And run
dagit -f repo.py
and launch a pipeline. No additional setup required.
@sashank Just reporting back. Still having that issue not on VPN. I even cleared Chrome ver 87 browser cache and tested using FireFox browser ver 83. Everything is local and using local sqlite storage, still no "Checking config..." animation. Everything else runs fine though.
Hey @Daniel Kim, would you mind making an issue? We’ve also had another user report this, so we’re looking into it
Sure @sashank!
@sashank So I noticed with 0.10.2, the "Launch Execution" button itself is animating by displaying "Submitting run". Don't recall if this existed with ver 0.10.0 too. If this is in fact new, would that make my issue for version 0.10.0 "resolved" or addressed then?
If it’s no longer a problem for you and everything works as expected in 0.10.2, then yes there’s no need for an issue 🙂