We would like to stand up a bare dagster server in...
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We would like to stand up a bare dagster server into which, over time, we will deploy dagster-ready packages with their own repositories, workspace.yaml etc. Initially, when it is stood up, the only packages deployed to the server are the dagster core libs and dagit. Dagit will be started and point to a workspace.yaml. The workspace.yaml is expected to grow over time as we add python_package entries to it. Initially however, we need to point to something - a package, a module that will allow dagit to start. I notice there is a dagit_tests.toy.bar_repo that seems to do the trick. Can this be relied on to always be present or is there another better alternative?
Hi Paul - there’s a —empty-workspace argument to dagit that might work when you don’t have any repositories to load? That being said dagit doesn’t have a way currently to add a new workspace entry without restarting the dagit process - not sure if that’s a problem for the setup you’re describing here.
Thanks for that, No that shouldn't be too much of a problem Daniel. We don't expect new packages to come along very often, although package updates will be frequent. We'll manually alter the workspace.yaml on the occasions where we add a new package.
I would strongly recommend looking at running those workspaces as independent daemons rather than just local modules 🙂
Thanks, will look at the independent daemons approach when we adopt 0.10.0