Hi Guys, may I have a question? I would like to in...
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Hi Guys, may I have a question? I would like to invoke Dagit's API from another service. Actually I would like to start pipelines. execute_pipeline would be greate if I can give a remote endpoint, but I did not see this in the documentation. Maybe it is there. So my question is what would be the best way to achive remote execution. If I need a grapql client, can you segguest me something? I useally dont use GraphQL so my knownledge here is very limited (lets say I do not know anything about this ;) ) Thanks in advance
How lame is starting a pipeline like this (attached bellow)? 🙂
if there is anyone who can share a good example 😉 It would be appreciated! Thanks
hey @Istvan Darvas great question. This is a user-contributed example that you might find useful: https://dagster.slack.com/archives/CCCR6P2UR/p1603993175410000
if you search for
in https://dagster.phacility.com/D4357, the body of that should work too
@cat thanks, tomorrow I am going to check this out
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cool lmk if you run into any issues / have any questions