guys, if my workspace is git version controlled (s...
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guys, if my workspace is git version controlled (say the solids and pipelines are in their individual files), once the Dagit UI is bootstrapped, is there a way to only execute a specific version or solid/pipeline?
hi @Xu Zhang - I don't think this would be easy under the current way the system works. one challenge is that different git versions might contain different definitions for the same pipeline - dagit allows you to view the topology of a pipeline before executing it, but that topology might be older in an older git version what situations would this be useful for you in? there might be a way for us to address these?
Im trying to write a bunch of solids, which can be used by my colleagues to construct pipelines; both solids and pipelines will be git versioned. The way I allow people to use the solids I wrote is to use YAML DSL, so that my colleagues do not need to care about underlying implementation. Imagine I need to change one of the solids output to something else, and of cause this could break my colleagues pipelines if I don’t take care of it. The way I think is to allow them to pin the git hash of the solid so that their pipelines will not be changed, unless they specifically change the git hash which points to the newer version of the solid.