Hey all, we’re opening up a new place on Github fo...
# announcements
Hey all, we’re opening up a new place on Github for our community to interact and ask questions. Check it out here: https://github.com/dagster-io/dagster/discussions/ Discussions is a great place to: • Ask questions about Dagster • Request features from our team • Share ideas and projects you are working on We’ve historically used Slack as the place to ask questions, but the new default place to ask questions is on Discussions. A lot of the questions asked here in #general are very helpful to the wider community, but get lost in Slack’s history. We hope Discussions becomes a general knowledge base for Dagster in the near future. This Slack will still be very actively used for making announcements, organizing community meetings, having real time conversations, and providing private help to individuals and teams. We encourage everyone to still use this workspace as needed.
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